Michelle is a Sydney based Visual Artist who practices and instructs across a range of media and related Art Theory. Michelle also works freelance as a copywriter and concept development consultant in the corporate sector. She is currently subleasing a studio space in the Headland Artist precinct at Middle Head.

Although initially a printmaker, she is currently immersed in her painting practice and has a number of works in private collections. Most recently she was a finalist in the Northern Beaches Art Prize, Artisans in the Garden in the Botanic Gardens and the Mosman Art Prize 2018 as well as numerous commissions.

Michelle enjoyed a very successful joint exhibition with Deidhre Wauchop in May 2019 in the Creative Space in Abbott Rd , Curl Curl. Deidhre and Michelle were high school buddies and reunited after substantial careers in the Visual and Performing Arts. They entitled their venture “D & M’s High School Reunion ” representing concepts of SPIN and ICONIC respectively.

While much of Michelle’s earlier work reflects her love of the Northern Beaches she also has recurring motifs of rooftops, facades, shadows and wider ranging places, objects and beings of significance. Her current Body of Work explores aspects of Carnival and Funfair imagery. She accepts commissions and will work in a range of scales and can use both oil and acrylic paints as well as drawn media.

Michelle finds much inspiration in the works of Edward Hopper who stated “what I wanted to do was paint sunlight on the side of the house “. She finds enormous beauty in the light and angles of the everyday, what the Japanese would call wabi sabi and ichi-go ichi-ne.

You can get in touch with Michelle here.



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